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Dexter Facts

Dexters have distinct characteristics that separate them from other cattle breeds. Here are a few facts that we think makes Dexters the perfect cattle.

Top Facts:Chase Brumfield - MDBA FFA Heifer Program winner   

  • Small Size
    The small size of the Dexter makes them the perfect cattle for small farms, youth and those not wanting to fight the larger breed sizes. The average size at the shoulder is 34-42 inches high
  • Docile Nature
    Everyone loves the docile nature of this breed, they remind me of big dogs. Our Dexters were kept in a strand of electric tape fence that wasn't plugged in for a couple of weeks. They never once tried to get out, no pushing on fences, chasing you around the field, no being scared of your animals! Our animals love to be petted and hand fed and have personalities all their own.
  • Easy Calvers  
    Dexter females are known for their ease in calving. We still try to be here with our first time heifers, but the breed standard shows less problems birthing than most other types of cattle.
  • Good Keepers
    Plain and simple, Dexters are easy! 1/2 acre each of decent pasture and you're set. Dexters thrive in all types of weather and grass types, they maintain weight and their ability to turn any kind of forage into delicious meat and milk is a main Dexter quality. We supplement our animals with grain and loose mineral as well, but not extensively.
  • Dual Purpose
    As I said above, Dexters are both meat and milk producers. Their meat is a little more marbled than angus and due to their smaller bone structure, dress out at 60% carcass weight (when grained out) vs. 45-50% from large commercial cows. A Dexter Ribeye cut is much larger as well. Dexters can also produce up to 2 gallons of delicious 4% butterfat milk each day.

    For more information, see the links below. We belong to both of these Dexter associations.

ADCA: www.dextercattle.org  

MDBA: www.missouridexter.org


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